Shop hand crafted products, highlight individuality.

Shop hand crafted products, highlight individuality.

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Elephant Alebrijes
The Ortega family alebrejis crafted keepsake boxes
The Ortega family
Handcraft journal celebrating the year of the corn from Oaxacan Artist
Omar Hernandez
unique urban style
Cesar Villegas Gonzalez

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Shopping makes a difference
BY OaxacaMade

The Day of the Dead celebration is just around the corner and here is your chance to shop in style with these beautiful “La Calavera Catrina” market mesh bag. Oaxaca Made is donating 25% of La Catrina and Frida Kahlo mesh bags sales from now...

Town of Alebrijes
BY OaxacaMade

This rual area is jusr outside of Oaxaca City. Artisan here create alebrijes ( wooden mystical creatures) , San Martin Tilcajete is the only area in the world that vibrant colored creatures wood carvings of real and fantastic animals painted with bright colors and designs....