Omar Hernandez

Handcraft journal celebrating the year of the corn from Oaxacan Artist

Oaxaca Made featured artist Omar Hernandez was born into the world of ceramics. Omar’s father provided him an appreciation for traditional ceramic design. By the age of eighteen, Omar began to develop his own style. Recently, Omar has been recognized and awarded for his original style of expression and celebration of Dia de Los Muertos. Omar draws inspiration from natural objects such as rocks, tree trunks, and leaves. Omar has a natural talent for combining a love for nature with Sgraffito to combine true works of art. A truly talented artist, Omar takes incorporates old techniques with new ideas to constantly evolve and transform our conception of art and ceramics.

The celebration of the corn, a Oaxacan tradition is depicted in these stunning hand made and hand bounded journal books.

Shop Omar’s collection of handmade skull Journals. $38.00