Frida Kahlo bag




 Sustainable Market Bag

Frida Kahlo orange sustainable mesh woven market bag comfortable straps , 1940 Self Portrait with Braid and Self Portrait with Monkey.  This bag is super durable it has extra comfortable padded elastic straps. Made from recycled poly mesh materials, the anywhere bag, throw it, ring-it in soapy water or even the dishwasher.


14″ tall
24″ tall with handles
17″ long
6″ wide

For your shopping experience we offer sustainable mesh woven thick comfortable straps market bags, handcrafted wire frame mandela banglets intertwined in stone, and leather messenger bags. Our number one seller the messenger bag with me arriving at the end of June 2016.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 16 x 18 in


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